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Breast Cancer Home Remedy

Added/Modified on June 25, 2016

Breast cancer can be a devastating disease for the individual suffering from it and for the families that love them.

It seems that breast cancer is becoming more common as there isn’t a cure, but only measures that can help to manage and get rid of the cancer that has built up within the body.

Breast cancer continues to affect a growing number of women and since genetics play an important role in the likelihood of developing it, many search for measures that can act as a prevention method.

Breast cancer can be treated and for those that are diagnosed with this terrible disease, the good news is that there are some excellent treatments in place that can be of great assistance.

For anybody who suspects or who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, it is essential to get the necessary medical treatment.

There are measures such as chemotherapy and radiation that prove to be helpful in curing the cancer, allowing the patient to recover and in the best case scenario, even save the patient’s breasts.

There are even prescription medications that can help to manage the side effects that one suffers as a result of these treatments, and in the end the medical attention can save one’s life.

Though home remedies should not be used alone in the prevention of breast cancer, there are some simple measures that can help in the healing and even prevention.

There are also natural cures within complementary medicine that can help to manage the symptoms or even recurrence of breast cancer as well.

Flax Seed

Flax seed is a healthy addition to one’s diet due to the high concentration of Omega 3 oil, lignans, antioxidants, fiber and other micronutrients.

Now it is an important part in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer. The US National Library of Medicine reports that flax seed reduces the growth of breast cancer tumors.

Flax seeds have the additional benefit of lowering cholesterol levels. If you don’t like the taste of the oil, mix it in juice. (It tastes a bit bitter). Ground flax seeds have a nutty flavor and can be mixed in other foods.


The antioxidants found in blueberries may help stop the spread of breast cancer. Scientists have discovered that antioxidants pigments (anthocyanins) contained in blueberries reduced the growth of breast cancer cells.

Fish Oil:

Web MD reports that taking fish oil supplements may help reduce breast cancer risk


Acupuncture has gained much popularity in recent years as a part of complementary medicine.

Using acupuncture in conjunction with medical attention can not only help in managing the symptoms and side effects that one suffers from breast cancer treatments, but it can help in the prevention.

Acupuncture focuses in on various zones throughout the body and if one of these is clogged or closed, it can prevent the natural energy flow that should take place.

Using acupuncture can be an excellent natural cure for healing of breast cancer and can even be looked to as a prevention method.


Though garlic can’t help to get rid of breast cancer, it can help in the prevention.

Garlic in its most natural form has some cancer-fighting agents within it.

If looking at a healthy diet that can help in the prevention of breast cancer, garlic can be an excellent home remedy and should be included in the daily diet.

Vitamin D:

Taking Vitamin D as a supplement can be of great help as a home remedy for the prevention of breast cancer.

Taking Vitamin D daily can help in the prevention of breast cancer, particularly for those who are genetically pre-disposed to this disease.


Studies suggest that the active ingredient in curry, called turmeric or curcumin, may lower the risk of breast cancer in individuals that have been on hormone replacement therapy (HRT). It is thought that the curcumin contained in turmeric may prevented or delay tumors that are caused by hormones such as breast cancer.

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