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Age Spots home remedy

Added/Modified on September 19, 2016

They don’t just come when you’re a senior citizen. Age spots, also called liver spots or solar lentigines can pop up much sooner than you’d like.

These blemishes can show up anywhere on your body and are not only unsightly but cause the person suffering from them to feel old beyond their years.

The reality is that these awful blemishes should really be called “sun spots” rather than age spots, but regardless of their name they can make a person feel self conscious and prematurely old.

They are also called liver spots, but no matter what you call them you will find that you want to figure out a way to cover them up no matter what.

While they are common to appear in people 55 years and older, sometimes age spots can appear in younger individuals.

Many people go to extreme measures to remove age spots after seeking medical attention.

They go through procedures such as microdermabrasion in hopes of getting rid of the unsightly spots.

However there are some natural cures when it comes to treating age spots.

Use Sun Screen:

As it is believed that age spots come out due to sun exposure, it is best to stay out of the sun whenever possible.

Not only can the sun enhance the spots you already have, but it can make new ones pop out.

So stay in the shade whenever possible and replace your sun worshiping days with a good sun screen instead.

Citric Acid:

When all else fails, a little fresh juice can really help to cure the age spot problem.

In this instance however it’s not imperative that you drink fresh juice, but rather use it on the spots themselves.

Place some fresh lemon juice on the age spots and let it soak in before removing it with water.

This will drastically lighten the appearance of the nuisance age spots and leave you feeling much more secure about your appearance.

A very easy natural cure!

Skin Exfoliation:

You can use lotions containing alpha hydroxy acid, glycolic acid, or lactic acid as this has an impact on dropping layers of dead skin.

This removes the source of the problem safely and easily, and most importantly slowly.

The new dead skin gives way to fresh layers that show up any age spots far less.

You can also get the same effect with a sliced piece of red onion that you rub on the affected areas for a natural home remedy for age spots.

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